About GF-Nation

We aim to unleash your best self

Our Mission.

Our Mission is to eventually help people get the most out of their lives and be a happy, crazy, independent person who is always improving themself, someone who is always trying to become a better and happier person. Improve yourself, work hard, do things outside of your comfort zone and love and enjoy the little things that happen around you.

We're Fearless.

F.e.a.r has two meanings that are very important in this world. One is, forget everything and run OR face everything and rise. What eventually makes us humans great is the ability to change and once you understand that it comes down to what you do on the other side of that. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Courage is not the absence of fear it’s rising up in the face of it

Why do we do it?

Because we love to, it's as simple as that. We are going to dedicate our time to help people who are stuck in life and get them back on the right track. Whether you’re struggling with love, fear, exercise, confidence or anything else. We want to show you how we do it and that YOU are able to do it as well.

Our Crew

Ferron Polak (GF-Fer)

Hey everyone! My name is Ferron but everybody can call me Fer. I’m currently studying to become a teacher, I like to teach people new things and to help and motivate everyone around me.

One of the main things I’ll be focussing on with the GF-nation is to motivate people to achieve their dreams and beat their fears. That is also one of my own dreams. I decided a few years ago that my goal is to help and motivate and inspire people to do whatever they want to do with their lives. I used to drag myself to the negative things and cared a lot about the opinion of other people and I ignored all the goodness and positivity in my life. But the thing is, you won’t be happy if you care so much about the opinion of others. So I decided that I simply did not care anymore. And when I realized this, it made me happier than ever. I knew my mission was to teach that same thing to everyone who needs it. It isn't healthy for a human being to live their life like that.

What I want to achieve with my friends and the GF-Nation is to help people all around the world. If you need any help or tips, you can slide into my DM’s and we’ll have a nice chat. Also, I’d like to travel the world, yeah. That seems like a cool thing to do.

Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life.

Robert Rojer (GF-BlackMisc)

My name is Robert. I freelance as a teacher and it also is one of my passions. I can often be found in the gym, I go there about four times a week. I advise every person to do this, it is one of the best choices you can make in your life. I used to be 56kg when I started, a really scrawny guy that could be sweeped off his feet by any little gust that would pass me. But, now I weigh 70kg and I am full of confidence.

Besides working out I also like to play video games with friends/people. The type of games I usually play is anything co-op and multiplayer with a high degree of difficulty or some kind of card game.

What I ultimately want is to have financial independence to a degree where I can go on trips with friends and run my own business without having to work 40+ hours a week. Do hit me up for any advice or coaching and follow my streams twitch.tv/Blackmisc

That aching feeling that tells you that something is wrong indicates smoke and where there is smoke, there is fire.

Christopher Haard (GF-CJ)

Yooo what's up everyone, Christopher H. here.

What I will be doing mostly for GF nation is being the main editor of the crew. Other tasks I will do is filming and doing all kinds of crazy and fun things on camera. In my personal life, I’m a student and I really love dancing. You will be seeing my love and passion for dancing back in some of the videos that we will be making. And saving the best for last, my ultimate goal is to become a personal trainer and help people get in shape and be happy with their bodies and get more confidence in the end. I, myself, am also really passionate about doing sports and hitting the gym.

Remember why you started and appreciate every moment, it's all we got in this world.

Ricardo Schouten (GF-Ricardo)

My name is Ricardo and I’m currently 22 years young. I work as a military in the royal dutch airforce. I’m a real sportsman and I don’t really care what kind of sport. All sports are beautiful and fun to do! Football, tennis, snowboarding, sailing, hitting the gym, mountain climbing, jogging, I do all of them. When I want to relax and chill out a bit I play video games or I watch movies/series. I love House music and hardstyle festivals.

My biggest dream, I got lots of dreams that I want to accomplish, but what I’d like the most is to travel the world. My biggest fear is big heights, I really can’t stand big heights and I want to beat my biggest fear by bungee jumping. My relation with GF-Nation is that I have known Ferron since we were 4 years young and we always were really good friends and we grew up together. We have been through everything together. With GF-Nation, I will work behind the scenes and try to help the others out wherever I can.

Always work the hardest, it is all you can do.

Vince Mutsaars (GF Gong)

My name is Vince.

I live in a little town that is called ‘Hendrik Ido Ambacht’. My function is to be in front of the camera and act like an idiot. Basicly I don’t give a damn about what other people think about me and so should you!

My goal is to see the world, experience how the culture is in every country and show other people how those cultures are. I’d love to see how others live and what the difference is between the western culture and the eastern culture.

First see it with your own eyes, then make an opinion.

Baran Erdogan (GF-Turk)

I am Baran, 19 years old. I study Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam and I freelance as Webdeveloper/Android developer. And because of my study and work I am the creator of the website for GF-Nation. Besides all of that I workout a lot, pure fitness. Back in the day I also did a lot of fighting sports though, mostly Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate.

My dreams come from the realization that I CAN not be an employee of a company, I don’t function that way. I need to bring existence to my ideas instead of bringing existence to the ideas of others by working for them. Therefor my dream is to create and maintain a company, or even multiple companies, which will provide my future.

With GF-Nation I seek to help those who have this same mindset with achieving their goals, helping them overcome their fear of failure, letting them embrace failure as a temporary defeat which will take them towards success.

The most powerful motivational speeches I’ve ever heard in my life came from people who told me I couldn’t do something.

Joe (GF Billz)

I'm a family man who loves anime, I started with Dragon Ball when I was about 5. My all time favorites are DB, Gundam, inuyasha, bleach, cowboy Bebop. I've got tons of experience managing various FB groups and pages and have made a plethora of connections along the way. My long term goal is to somehow turn my love for anime into a better lifestyle for my family who I love more anything. I go by the name Billz because I remain neutral in 90% of conflicts but if I must....I will destroy everything without a second thought. Anime Anteiku is my creation and my home. I bleed for those guys. I partnered up with Ferron and GF Nation because we have the same goal, spread our love of anime to fans across every corner of the globe and see how big we can make this thing.

If you give me wings, I will soar for you even if this whole land sinks down to the water. If you give me a sword, I will fight for you even if this whole sky shoots through with your light.